The goal of my project was to create a Ruby on Rails backend API application for my Bachelor’s thesis RubyMotion mobile application.

  • Ruby on Rails implementation of a RESTful API - 100% done
  • Deploying and running that API somewhere - 100% done
  • Seeding the production database - 100% done
  • User registration / authentication - 0% done
  • Creating the Tasks for users - 100% done
  • Sending the reminders as e-mails (100% done) and push notifications (0% done)
  • Polishing for real production use (logging, monitoring, bundle installing “the right way”) - 0% done

The project was mostly successful but some things like user management and push notifications to Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) were left out. Also some trouble with running cron tasks inside Docker.

You can find the source code from

Slideshow with embedded videos can we viewed here.