I held a presentation / training as a school assignment at my workplace Visma Solutions Oy on the topic of getting the most out of your Mac OS X computer with my favourite 3rd party software. I got some great feedback on the presentation so I thought I’d just share it with the whole world.

You might want to view my presentation and have a look at these apps if you’re using a Mac OS X computer and your’re looking for ways to be more efficient using your computer daily.

Topics include:

  • Warm up - OS X built-in shortcuts and tricks
  • A better terminal emulator: iTerm 2
  • Alternative to bash: zsh
  • Manage your windows with Spectacle
  • smcpuff: why isn’t this built in to git?
  • Back to basics: readline is awesome
  • Spotlight on steroids: Alfred
  • Keep your connections open with mosh
  • Tmux: like screen, only better
  • Learn and memorise keyboard shortcuts with Hotkey EVE

Some feedback I got:

Felt like magic! :)

Lots of new features that I didn’t know beforehand!

Slide trough it with Slideshare or get the whole PDF.

Get the most out of your Mac OS X from Janne Warén